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Sourcing & Procurement in China

We help companies identify suitable suppliers and implement procurement projects in China.


China remains the most important low-cost country for sourcing goods — since other Asian countries cannot compete on infrastructure, scale, integrated manufacturing networks, skills, and labour availability.

Our Services in China

Market Research

We analyse supply markets and supplier data. We investigate issues around raw materials, market dynamics & channels — both through desk and bespoke market research.


We review & audit existing sourcing activities, including international purchasing offices (IPO) in China. With experience in many product categories, we provide in-depth support for improvement programmes.

Supplier Management

We provide long-term, local support to ensure that the benefits of sourcing in China are maintained in a sustainable manner. We can assist in supplier development to meet your manufacturing and quality standards.

Outsourcing of Manufacture

We help companies develop the strategic case for manufacturing in China. Whatever the goal — to support regional sales development, or to utilise lower labour costs — we can plan and implement a transfer of production.

Through face-to-face contact, we help clients understand the scope of the issues that need to be managed to ensure successful trading in China. Visits can be developed as an introduction to China or, more specifically, tailored to meeting identified suppliers or other potential partners prior to the establishment of a legal entity such as a FICE in China.

Our Approach

Our experienced consultants use a proven process to lead you through defined stages in order to minimise risk and achieve your objectives of additional approved suppliers and improved profitability.

  1. Evaluation of Product Portfolio
  2. Research & RFI/RFQ
  3. Evaluate Total Cost
  4. Develop Findings & Recommendations
  5. Implementation
  6. Supplier Management

We do not have preferred relationships with suppliers and share supplier data with our clients to ensure complete transparency.


The latest five-year plan encourages a further drive on higher value-added goods and technological development.

China's manufacturing sectors have responded to weaknesses in the US and European export markets by moving up in the value chain and placing a greater focus on domestic markets.

The Benefits

We offer the experience and independence that enables you to:

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Industries & Experience

Our consultants are based in the UK and in China — close to both your headquarters and the detailed China-work — thus allowing us to be more responsive to your needs.


Sectors and product categories that we cover include: