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As a procurement strategy, global sourcing seeks to identify the most cost-efficient locations for product manufacture — regardless of geographic boundaries.

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In order to meet specification requirements or to match manufacturing footprints, specific product categories may need to researched and sourced from either developed or developing countries around the world.

Sherbourne Consulting is an independent consultancy with extensive sourcing experience, and a particular focus on Asia.

Challenges We Overcome

Successfully managing and implementing a strategy for sourcing requires:


Despite the increase in wage costs, which outstrips significant productivity gains, China remains the most important low-cost country for sourcing of goods.

Our Structured & Targeted Approach

Hands-on support that is designed to add sustainable value for companies.

We provide a detailed step-by-step approach in low-cost countries to ensure that you achieve your goals.

Whether a managed service or an individual procurement project, we transfer all knowledge and skills to our clients.


Decisions about offshore sourcing require a thorough assessment of risks and total costs.

Why Us?

Finding the right partners to work with in low-cost countries requires knowledge, networks, and in-country experience.

Many of our projects have involved sourcing products from all corners of the globe — where our expert consultants can provide in depth sector knowledge.

Decisions are best made using data sourced independently and in a transparent manner.

We believe that the interests of companies are best served by employing high quality independent consultancy services in the initial stages — rather than basing knowledge on information derived from other external sources with vested interests.

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