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China & India: International Business Development

An independent management consultancy, Sherbourne Consulting specialises in helping companies do business in China and India.



We offer a range of advisory and project management services:

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For enquiries, please contact: Mr. Graham Barker
Business Development Consultant
+44 (0)1789 731 803
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Clients & Experience

Our clients include both SMEs and world-class multinational companies.

Our work has an emphasis on B2B in sectors such as engineering, aerospace, electronics, construction, furniture, packaging, and healthcare.


We provide detailed support in the implementation steps — passing on all knowledge and skills.

Coupled with in-depth knowledge of China and India, our extensive industrial and management experience provides the insights and skills to deliver a sustained competitive advantage.

Market Entry & Research

When assessing markets in China and India, we cover all aspects of the potential opportunities and risks.

Our tailor-made research is designed to support the development of effective strategies for market entry. Depending on the project, we use a combination of in-house desk work and commissioned third-party market research.


Our consultants are experienced in the search and selection of distributors, and the review of business partners.

We can evaluate make-or-buy decisions using our proven, analytical approach to global sourcing.

Company Set Up in China & India

By focusing on the many important, practical issues we are able to ensure the successful setup of a business entity.

For example, in China, that could be a representative office, a wholly foreign owned enterprise (WFOE case study), a foreign invested commercial enterprise (FICE case study), or a joint venture. Our consultants have extensive experience running trading and manufacturing companies in China.


While in in India, it could be an entity such as a wholly owned subsidiary of a foreign parent company, or an entity operating as a foreign company (such as a liaison or branch office).

When it comes to legal, IP, financial, and HR matters in both India and China — we already have excellent partners with proven experience and a cost-effective approach. Or we can recommend other firms and work to complement their advice.

“Typically, a company or individual will apply for a trade mark intending to sell back the right to use the mark to its original creator, or to piggy-back on its international reputation.” — British Embassy Beijing, IP in China

Brand & Technology Licensing in China

Licensing, technology transfer, and manufacturing are vital for longer term cooperation and branding.


Working with an established Chinese branding team based in Shenzhen, we act as a conduit for Western companies to find credible and capable partners in China.

Accompanied Visits

We help clients understand, through face-to-face contact, the scope of the unique issues that need to be managed to ensure successful trading in either China or India.


Visits can be developed as an introduction to each country or region. Prior to the establishment of a legal entity in Asia, meetings can involve potential partners and appropriate third parties.

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