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Market Research in China

China is one of the most promising and important markets, but successful market entry requires thorough preparation.

Researching businesses, markets, institutions and, where applicable, consumers is key to getting the approach just right. Once in the market, companies need to adapt to fast-changing requirements in Chinese society, trade, and distribution.


We partner with Psyma Business Research China to provide our clients with actionable market intelligence and to complement our in-house research.

Based in Shanghai and Beijing, the company is a long-established Sino-German joint venture. A market leader, it belongs to a global network of 18 offices in 10 countries.

Psyma’s team of specialised, local experts is dedicated to helping our clients understand the regional market specifics in their industry. Our clients can then adapt to the fast-changing market and adopt the most suitable marketing and distribution strategies for China.

Photograph of Graham Barker, China consultant

For enquiries, please contact: Mr. Graham Barker
Business Development Consultant
+44 (0)1789 731 803
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Psyma cover all cities and the key industries in China, including:

  • Construction materials & equipment
  • Chemicals
  • Automotive (vehicles & equipment)
  • Healthcare (pharmaceuticals & medical devices/technology)
  • Engineering & metal-working
  • Clean technologies (environmental protection & green energy)
  • Electronic components and instruments
  • FMCG (foods, beverages, cosmetics, white goods, consumer electronics, etc.)

Their multidisciplinary team of bilingual researchers has both the market research expertise and specific industry knowledge to ensure that decisions can be made based on reliable data and a sophisticated understanding of research findings.


Approach & Solutions

Psyma’s tailored research utilises a combination of data collection techniques to obtain information for analysis and interpretation:

Specific solutions are available for clients’ strategy development:

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