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China is the world's second largest economy and the largest producer of a wide range of consumer and industrial goods.

Alongside remarkable industrialisation, urbanisation is driving a fast-growing consumer market of greater sophistication. Retail growth rates are more than double the current GDP growth of ~7.5%.


For over fifteen years our China consultants have been helping UK companies establish a presence in China.

Photograph of Dave Roberts, China consultant

For enquiries, please contact: Mr. Dave Roberts
Senior China Consultant
+44 (0)1789 731 803
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We offer project management and advisory services — covering business development, market entry, and sourcing.

Sourcing & Market Entry in China

Chinese markets can have greater complexity compared with those in other international destinations.

They present specific challenges of culture, language, regions, regulations, and controlled currency — requiring an awareness of the dedicated resources and time required to tackle challenges and manage the risks.

Success in China

Companies should conduct careful research before initiating business in China. This can save costly mistakes in the long run, and ensure that business strategies reflect the latest changes and rate of market development.

Our Services in China


“Publicly available and secondary data can be contradictory and lacking qualification — making good quality primary research of particular importance.” Graham Barker, China Consultant

For each project, our consultants will offer you the best business options for your company, and help you to minimise the risks.

For sourcing in China, we provide long-term support on a local basis. This reduces risks, allows prompt troubleshooting of problems at a reduced cost, and yields effective management of improvement programmes.

Why Us?

Our consultants are based in China and the UK — close to both your headquarters and to the detailed China project work — thus allowing us to be more responsive to your needs.

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