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Case Study: Sourcing Castings in China

China is the largest producing country in the world for iron and steel castings — with output exceeding 40 million tonnes per year.


Our client was a British SME, manufacturing cooling systems for furnaces that used malleable iron fittings.

Photograph of Graham Barker, China consultant

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Our consultants analysed Chinese suppliers of black malleable iron fittings. We located a casting company that was already supplying these products worldwide and would be able to produce the wide range of fittings required.

Following successful sampling, approvals, and scale-up, our client was able to order directly from China. This cut out distributors in the UK, generating savings of 85%.


Sherbourne Consulting has extensive experience of sourcing a wide variety of engineering components in China. Our specialist consultants are based in the UK and China.

We are able to provide long-term support across a wide variety of manufacturing industries — contact us with any enquiries.